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Twin Lakes-Gunbarrel

Darby's Favorite Reasons to Love This Hike:

  1. Gunbarrel has great views of the Boulder Flatirons and offers this lovely, easy trail that is .7 miles each around East and West Lakes.

  2. If you want a longer walk, continue northeast to the LoBo (Longmont-Boulder) Trail, which goes through Niwot towards Longmont. Or, walk southwest via the Twin Lakes Regional Trail and follow Boulder and White Rock Ditch/Left Hand Ditch towards Spine Rd and eventually the Cottonwood Trail.

  3. West Lake is off leash for doggies and their human friends! I can jump into this lake if I want (I don't like to swim; I just drink the water-so I'm not allowed in the lake).

  4. Fishing is allowed in the lakes, but boats and humans are not. There are so many fish and birds and wildlife, it's great for nature viewing.

County: Boulder

Skill Level: Easy

Elevation: Stays flat throughout

Pet Regulations: On leash only East Lake and LoBo, off leash optional West Lake.

Weather: All seasons

Bikes: Yes

Restrooms: None, no garbage bins either except in the off-leash doggie area

Picnic Tables: No


Directions: There is only one parking lot along Nautilus Drive. This link takes you there. Unless you live in the neighborhood and you can walk to it. 

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