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Bald Mountain Pines to Peak

Darby's Favorite Reasons to Love this Hike

  1. Close to Boulder, just up Sunshine Canyon, this short, multi-use trail (people, bikes, and horses) has breathtaking views of the Continental Divide, parts of Boulder, and on a clear day, Denver.

  2. Only a 1.2 mile loop, so it's great for families or those who just want a quick workout or afternoon picnic. Plenty of tables and benches to stop and sniff at the beginning of the trail and at the scenic lookout points. The Bald Mountain Scenic Area offers has a Nature Detective Club for kids-check it out.

  3. Meander through the pines and juniper trees, looking for birds, squirrels, and chipmunks (Note from Darby: do not chase these little critters no matter how much they taunt you!). Popular sight with birders.

  4. In 1973, the Boulder County Parks purchased this property making it the first Open Space, but it's history is steeped in cattle grazing and mining. Look for remnants of the old cattle chute just up the stairs from the parking lot.

  5. At the summit, look to the valley towards the Continental Divide. You will witness the clues of another part of Sunshine Canyon's history. Several recent fires have charred the valley and some of the trees along the trail.

County: Boulder
Round Trip Length: 1.5-loop trail
Start and End Elevation: 6900'-7100'
Skill Level: Easy, mainly a gravel path the entire trail. Very few rocks and steep areas.
Pet Regulations: Dogs allowed on leash
Weather: All year, watch out for icy conditions in the winter
Bikes and horses: Yes

Picnic tables and restrooms: Yes,a port-a-potty in the parking lot.

Directions: From Mapleton Avenue in downtown Boulder, go west up the canyon past the 4 mile marker. The parking lot is on the left.

For more information about this trail, click here.

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