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Eldorado Canyon -Rattlesnake Gulch

Darby's Favorite Reasons To Love this Hike:

  1. Eldorado State Park 

     is an award winning treasure in Boulder's own backyard. You can hike, or rock climb (or watch rock climbers), and picnic along the South Boulder Creek. Park entry fee:$9

  2. Rattlesnake Gulch Trail follows and winds along the sandstone cliffs for a moderate 3.6 mile hike. Along the way see the remnants of the Crags Hotel fire (1.4 miles into the hike). The hotel was built 600 ft above the canyon floor and was accessible by rail car. (RIP Crags Hotel, 1908-1913).

  3. Continue along the loop to the amazing views of the Great Continental Divide. If you already didn't know, the continental divide is the peak that separates the American watersheds. Those on the east drain into the Atlantic Ocean and those to the west drain in to the Pacific Ocean. (But what do I care, I'm a dog. As long as it's cold and running am I even allowed to get a sip!) 

  4. Other trails at the park include Fowler Trail (a .9 mile trail, best to view the rock climbers and go on a guided nature hike), Eldorado Canyon Trail (3.5 miles one way and meets up with the Crescent Meadows and Walker Ranch Trail), and a .5 mile Streamside beginners trail.

  5. Play in the running rapids of theSouth Boulder Creek, yippee! People without dogs can take their own dip in the nearby all natural  Eldorado Springs Pool. 


County: Boulder

Round Trip Length: 3.6 total round trip

Start and End Elevation: 1000 ft gain

Skill Level: Easy, to moderate.

Pet Regulations: Dogs on leash only

Weather: All seasons, except if there is snow.

Bikes: No

Restroom: yes

Picnic tables: yes

A copy of the trail and climbing maps can be found on here.


Directions: South of Boulder on highway 93, go west into Eldorado Canyon, about 3 miles. Go through the town of Eldorado Springs and continue to the park entrance There is an $9 day fee or yearly park membership.

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