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Boulder County Dog Park Review

Okay dog lovers and "Darby's Favorite Hike" readers. It's my (Darby's) first review post and I started with things I know best. Dog Parks! My humans take me to all kinds of Dog Parks. Since I am an expert on all things dog (re: I'm a dog), I decided that I am the best possible reviewer of all the Dog Parks I go to. My hometown: Boulder County, Colorado, is where I will start my review. Click here for more information about Voice and Sight Regulations for off leash dogs and their people.

Dog Parks are typically fenced in areas specifically for me to be free of the leash. Leashes harsh my whim.

1 to 3 PAWS  rating system has 2 main categories:

1) Is it social? (ie: How's the butt sniffing?) Let's face it, I'm a dog. I do dog things. I'm not much of a chaser of other dogs. If they want to chase me, I might let them. But, it is a given, that all the other dogs are interested in what I'm all about, and, I will admit, I am curious about them as well.

2) FRISBEE!!! Within 2 minutes of getting to the park, all I really want to do is play my ultimate, favority sport. I heart Frisbee. Look for my videos: I am an awesome Frisbee player, and if I like your park, you will get 3 PAWS from me. The best parks are all grass; the hard, dirt ground is ruff on my elbows (I'm 6 ya' know). Plus, I would prefer please, NOT to have a mouthful of dirt if I accidentally miss (slight chance, I admit).

Lafayette, Great Bark Dog Park

This Dog Park is a 6 acre, fenced-in grassy area that will one day be part of the Great Park of Lafayette, Colorado. There is a separate fenced area for smaller, or shy dogs, so it's a great place to start socializing your puppy or rescue.

Amenities include: toilets, benches, shelters, parking.

Social: 2 PAWS. Cane be crowded. Dogs are polite and there is enough space for me to leave if I have a not-so-secret admirer.

Frisbee: 2 PAWS. Most of my video was shot here, but the grass has worn some and I got a few mouth fulls of dirt.

Directions: Turn North on 119th from Baseline Road in Lafayette. It is half a block on the left.

Directions: Turn North on 119th from Baseline Road in Lafayette. It is half a block on the left.

Lafayette Great Bark.JPG
Valmont Park 1.JPG

Boulder, Valmont City Park

Valmont City Park was updated in 2012 as a combination dog park and bike park. The dog park is a fenced-in 4 acre piece of property that has water, benches, restrooms, composting for dog waste, a separate fenced area for small and shy dogs.

The bike park has trails, single track, and jumps for all skill levels.

Amenities: water spigot, bathrooms, chairs, shade, parking.

Social: 3 PAWS. It's a dog party, if you are into that sorta thing. There are usually a lot of other friendly dogs to run around with.

Frisbee: 2.5 PAWS. Dirt floors and separate areas and you can have a pretty good game of frisbee. Watch out for the slobbering frisbee thieves. Not that I blame them, I love my frisbee too. But, it is mine, not yours. So quit drooling all over my beautifully woven masterpiece of a frisbee.

Directions: 5275 Valmont Road, on the north side, between 47th and 55th.

Boulder, Foothills Dog Park

This 2 acre park has an area fenced in for smaller and shy dogs too. Right up against the Footlhills in North Boulder, this park offers the best views of all the dog parks. Not that I know, I overheard the humans talking.

Amenities: water spigot, parking, near a great playground and picnic area that I have to be leashed up to the human in case he/she decides to chase a thingy.

Social: 1 PAW. Even on a Sunday, this park wasn't crowded. The dogs were friendly and happy to play around the water spigot.

Frisbee: 1 PAW No grass at all and not enough room to play. But the views were great. Did I mention that already?

Directions: Park at Wonderland Lake and walk to the dog park, or go west on Violet from Broadway, right on 10th, and left on Cherry Street. The dog park is on the north end of the park.

Foothills 2.JPG
Howard Heuston jump crop.jpg

Boulder, Howard Heuston Dog Park

Hidden in a neighborhood between Foothills parkway and the Diagonal towards Longmont, this is a not fenced in area of a larger field. We are supposed to stay between 2 yellow poles in a 1.25 acre area. The rest of the park, I am connected to the leash.

Amenities: Street parking, next to a larger park and trail.

Social: 1 PAW. Not a lot of dogs here.

Frisbee: 3 PAWS. Grass is well maintained which is perfect for a great game of frisbee.

Directions: Make a right on 34th Street from Iris Ave. The park is on the left.

East Boulder Dog Park

There's about 1 1/2 acres to run and jump and play here. There's also a smaller enclosed area for small and shy dogs. This park is located next to the East Boulder Rec Center, and is connected to the Bobolink Trail head. If you are a water puppy, you can swim in the lake.

Social:3 PAWS. Very social, but be careful about the unattended dogs. We've seen some distracted owners not mound their furry friends. 

Frisbee: 1 PAW: Too many dogs to play a quiet game of frisbee. 

Directions: Walk from the Bobolink Trail, or enter from South Boulder Rd and Sioux Drive (towards the rec center). 5660 Sioux Drive, Boulder 

south boulder dp.jpg
dry creek view.JPG

Boulder, Dry Creek Trail

This unofficial dog park is high on the list of things to do. There are up to 2 miles of trails to walk on in this stroller friendly paradise. While not officially considered a dog park, it is a fenced-in flat, trail system that obeys the OSMP Dog Regulations for Voice and Sight tags for us dogs to roam free without a leash. 

Amenities: picnic table, creek, peacock listening, alpaca viewing, your choice of a long or short walk around the trails, parking.

Social: 3 PAWS. Most of the time, I can see 10-20 other dogs here.

Frisbee: 1 PAW. I am too distracted by all the other dogs and the too tall grass.

Directions: East of Cherryvale and west of 76th on Baseline. Just east of the Baseline Reservoir.

Louisville Dog Park 

(no pic, sorry)

Fenced in park with a fenced in water area. Next to Louisville Community Park. 

Amenities: Table, shelter, bathrooms.

Social: 3 PAWS. Lots of dogs for other dogs to play with. I usually follow my humans around until they break out the...wait for it... frisbee.

Frisbee: 2 PAWS. only one area has enough grass, and sometimes my frisbee is stolen by a goofy Labrador.

Directions: 2 entrances. One off of Bella Vista Drive, in downtown Louisville. The other is off County Rd (Front Street), east of Bella Vista, south of S. Front Street.

Louisville- Davidson Mesa Trail (on leash) and Dog Park (off leash)

See our review here.

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