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Boulder Falls

Darby's Top Reasons to Visit Boulder Falls

  1. Moderately challenging, but short hike down stairs to a very cool water fall... I can dip my toes-ies in and (sshhh), sneak a drink.

  2. Boulder Falls is made up of  North Boulder Creek cascading 70 feet to enter Middle Boulder Creek. ("Both very tasty", says Darby)

  3. Visitors take their photographs at "Picture Rock"; a large gray boulder located just next to the road. 

  4. Donated by a rich banker, Charles G. Buckingham, to the City of Boulder for land preservation for "saving this beautiful spot".   

  5. A popular tourist destination since 1914, kiosks share its rich history.                                                                

Difficulty: Moderate, but short. Less than 1/8th mile.

Dogs: Yes, on leash

Bikes and Horses: No

Picnic tables and bathrooms: No

Directions: From Boulder: Take Canyon(sr119) West toward Nederland about 11 miles. Park on the south side of the road, Boulder Falls is on the North Side. Watch for traffic, and keep all doggies leashed.

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