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Boulder Valley Ranch Trail

Darby’s Top Reasons to Love this Hike:

1. Most of the hike is 2 tracks wide, so it’s perfect for sharing the trail with runners (and their humans that are biking, horseback riding, or jogging).

2. The lower part of the Sage Trail goes through a working and historic farm. There are remnants of a 1930-1940’s smelter south of Longhorn.

3. A longer hike, or bike, up the Eagle and Cobalt Trails will give you views of the Flatirons in the south and towards Lyons in the north.


4. I can be on-leash and explore the alternate trails, the Hidden Valley, Mesa Reservoir and Lefthand Trails, which are through wildlife areas and turn to single track.


5. This hike has absolutely no tree coverage and it can be windy most of the time. Hiking here is ideal in the winter, and best from fall to spring.

County: Boulder

Round Trip Length: Varies

Start and End Elevation: Low Elevation Changes

Skill Level: Easy

Pet Regulations: Dogs Allowed Off Leash OSMP

Weather: Spring through Winter

Bikes: On Sage and Eagle only

Restroom : Yes

A copy of the trail can be found on Boulder’s Open Space & Mountain Parks Website.

Directions: Go north Boulder on 36, just past mile marker 32. Turn Right (east) at the Boulder Valley Ranch Trail sign, on Longhorn Rd, go for one mile to the parking lot.

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