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Ceran St. Vrain Trail

Darby's Top Reasons to love this hike:

 1) Walking along the St. Vrain River for most of this hike is just awesome. I got to dip my toes in the water more than once and heard the river throughout the trail.
2) Gorgeous, lush foliage: evergreens, maples, aspens, you name it-- lots of trees and wildflowers.
3) Camping along the first half of the trail. If you want to tent camp along a river, but don't want to walk more than 1/4 mile, then this is the place for you. The campsites are not managed, but there are areas that have dedicated campfire pits... so come early, as it fills up fast. Camping permits are not necessary.
4) Walking 1.9 miles in you intersect a 4WD path and can continue another several miles up the trail on foot, by bike, motorized bike or horse.

5) Another mile or so after the intersection, you will reach another intersection that climbs to the left. Take that trail and you will come to a large grouping of rocks that you can scramble to the top of. This is Miller Rock, and it has great views of the surrounding mountains.

Difficulty: Easy, then more moderate once you reach the 4WD intersection
Bikes and Horses: Yes
Dogs off leash: Voice and sight regulations
Restrooms: No

Direcions: From Boulder, go North Hwy 36 to Left Hand Canyon, make a left. Continue to the town of Jamestown and go 5 miles past. Once the road turns to a dirt road, you will go another .5 and see a sign on the left for Ceran St. Vrain Trail. Trailhead is ahead on the right, with dedicated parking.

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