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Chautauqua- 1st-2nd Flatiron

Darby's Top Reasons to Love this Hike:

1. This trail is right in the heart of the City of Boulder, so it's a very convenient hike if you live in the Boulder County area. The Chautauqua entrance to the Flatirons mountains offers many choices to the length and difficulty of the kind of hiking you want to do. Go for the day and have brunch or a picnic at Chautauqua park. People can come with their kids and do a short hike, you can go for all day if you have the stamina. You can get in some rock climbing too, if you have your own gear and an adventurous spirit.

2. Views of the Flations up close and personal. The top 1/3 of the 1st-2nd Flatiron Trail requires scrambling up some rocks with your hands. It isn't hard (for me, I'm a dog), but children, people using walking sticks or if you are a little unstable, you may want to enjoy the views from around 2/3 from the top. This is still a good hike, about 1 -2 miles from the parking lot, and the views of downtown Boulder are incredible. You can see the whole city from here.

3. Connect to other trails: a simple loop takes you around Bluebell and Bluestem Trails, continue further to connect to the The Royal Arch Trail (about 2.5 miles to the top), Flagstaff to Gregory Canyon and Saddle Rock Loop, or south to the Mesa/NCAR Trailhead loops.

4. When you get to the very top, you experience the views of the Indian Peaks Wilderness.

5. OFF LEASH almost the entire hike!!!! I love hiking without my leash. Lots of playing with my doggie friends.


County: Boulder

Round Trip Length: To the top of 1st-2nd Flatiron and back about 4 miles. A copy of the trail can be found on the Chautauqua Map

Start and End Elevation: Milld to Steep elevation change

Skill Level: Easy for hikers only; no bikes or horses

Pet Regulations: Dogs Allowed Off Leash OSMP Dog Regulations

Weather: Spring through late fall

Bikes: No

Picnic Tables: No, but a huge lawn for picnicking

Restroom : Yes, at the Chautauqua building

Parking: In the parking lot of the Chautauqua, or on Baseline

Directions: From Boulder- Go west on Baseline from Broadway until you see signs for Chautauqua around 9th; park on Baseline. Follow signs to the 1st-2nd Flatiron.

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