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Coal Creek Trail

Darby's Top Reasons to Love this Hike:

  1. This easy trail goes from Superior through Louisville to Lafayette and Broomfield, you can park in many lots along the trail and go in either direction to get a long or short walk- up to a few miles. Stop off at the off leash dog park in Louisville for some good running around with my buddies. If you want an extra long adventure: go towards the Broomfield trail at Rock Creek Farm and head towards Stearns Lake. Starting in Superior and going to Stearns Lake will be about 11 miles.

  2. A wildlife habitat along the trail: birds, heron, ducks, prairie dogs, squirrels, fox, deer and sometimes hear the coyotes howl at dusk. 

  3. Water runs through from east to west along the trail through all the seasons so you can take a refreshing dip every day.

  4. There are a few single track trails that meander throughout, great for running, biking, walking, or family hangouts.  

  5. See the remnants of the Vulcan Mine, which was a working coal mine from 1903-1937. The region saw working coal mines from 1859-1956 and, with the invention of the railroad in 1870, became a booming area that helped establish the towns of Lafayette, Louisville, and Superior.


Elevation: no gain in elevation

Picnic tables: Yes, at the S.Public Coal Creek Trail head and in Louisville on Hwy 42 at the Aquarius Trail head.

County: Boulder County

Round Trip Length: any length, up to 11 miles

Pet Regulations: Dogs Allowed On Leash only, off leash at the Louisville Dog Park

Weather: All year

Bikes: Yes

Restroom : Yes, some parking lots have portable restrooms


Directions: Park either at the Coal Creek Trail head 1) south of South Public Rd and South Boulder Road,  2) Aquarius Trail head Hwy 42, right next to the Louisville cemetery,  3) Stearns Lake, on Dillon Rd west of Hwy 287 to 104th Street.

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