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What is Corrective Care? Phase Two

In the first phase of care, Relief Care, the patient usually notices their symptoms decreasing in intensity and frequency. The flare-ups are less and not as severe. After about 2-8 initial visits where we analyze and correct any structual mis-alignemts, we focus on keeping these mis-alignments from reacting the stressors of everyday life.

Corrective Care is more complex. During your treatment time we work together to find out:


  1. What are your stress triggers? Are they physical, chemical, or emotional?

  2. How can you create a more stable environment for yourself between treatments? Do you need a new mattress, better work station, less sugar?

  3. What exercises will help the best? We will locate the weak muscles and build on them here through acupuncture and/or home work for you.

  4. What else can you do to make sure you "hold" your adjustments best? Perhaps you need to make changes in nutrition, do more stretching, or incorporate stress reduction techniques.

  5. What is your treatment schedule for wellness and prevention? This can vary from once a month to once a year. Since every body is different, everybody has a plan that works for them. When you finally start feeling good, you'll want to maintain that feeling forever.


Corrective Care here at Chance Chiropractic really is what it says it is: Solving problems and correcting those acute flare-ups of your chronic aches. 

During your treatments, you will notice that your symptoms will stay away longer or disappear permanently. This means that your body has a better stress response and can easily repair itself because it is healthier. Less ups and downs and ups and downs of pain. 

Most people are not aware of this type of approach to wellness. You may pass along this information to anyone you may know who may benefit from all natural Corrective Care at Chance Chiropractic.

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