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Davidson Mesa- Louisville

Darby's Favorite Reasons to Love this Hike:

  1. Off leash dog park starts the trail at the parking lot. Yippee!!! I get to run around and play with my friends (Not really, I only smell butts these days).

  2. Unobscured views of the Flatiron Mountains of Boulder, the Indian Peaks Wilderness, and the Rocky Mountains. There is no shade, so it's best to come when it isn't very windy, or the temperature is below 90 degrees.

  3. One to three mile loop in the suburbs of Louisville, if you want an easy walk or run. Part of this trail goes through the open space behind houses and office parks. All of it is on leash, unless you're in the dog park.

  4. Nearby Leon Wurl Wildlife Sanctuary (No Dogs Allowed!) is available to those not fortunate enough to have a dog with them at all times.

  5. Rich geological and environmental history of the mesa formation, rocks, coal and iron mines, and water ways.


County: Boulder County

Round Trip Length: Varies: from 0.25 to 2.5, you can choose your length.

Start and End Elevation: Pretty much flat, except for the far end of the Davidson Ditch is a little steep, but it's only .1 mile in length.

Skill Level: Easy for walkers, bikers, wheelchairs, runners

Pet Regulations: Dogs are allowed off-leash at the dog park only; on-leash everywhere else.

Weather: Year Round

Bikes: Yes, not at the dog park

Picnic Tables: Yes

Restroom : Yes

Directions: From Boulder East on South Boulder Rd. to McCaslin Blvd in Louisville. Go South, the trail is 1/4 mile on the NW side of the Road. Parking for Leon Wurl Wildlife (no dogs) bu there is a walkway under the road to get to the trail if the parking lot is full.

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