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       Gregory Canyon -Saddle Rock
(Gregory Canyon to Ranger to EM Greenman to Saddle Rock)

Darby’s Top Reasons to Love this Hike:

1. Creek water flows at the bottom of this trail and again several places throughout the hike.

2. There are so many wildflowers along the trail, especially during the beginning of summer.

3. The views of the back of the Flatirons and Boulder Valley, as well as the Indian Peaks and downtown Boulder.

4. This multi-terrain trail includes steep stair-stepping switchbacks, a great mix of shade and sun, and is just hard enough to give me a good work out without the crowd of other similar hikes.
You can go toward the Amphitheater, Ranger Trail, Green Mountain, Ute, Long, Flagstaff and all the trails connecting south to Chautauqua.

5. This popular trail is perfect for hikers and runners. No bikes or horses allowed.


County: Boulder
Round Trip Length: Gregory Canyon to Saddle Rock Loop is approximately 3.5 miles
Start and End Elevation: Can be steep at times
Skill Level: Moderate, steep on the Saddle Rock side- choose your route depending whether you want to hike steep uphill or steep downhill.
Pet Regulations: Dogs Allowed Off Leash OSMP Dog Regulations

Weather: Spring through Fall
Bikes: No
Picnic Tables: Yes, at the parking lot
Restroom : Yes, in the parking lot and halfway up the trail

A copy of the Gregory Canyon Trail here.

Directions: From Baseline, go west past the Chautauqua Parking lot and you will see a sign for the Gregory Canyon Trail. If you do not have your car registered in Boulder County, there is a $5 per vehicle fee.

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