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Joder Trail

Darby's favorite Reasons to Love this Hike:

  1. This is a newer trail (formerly known as Joder Ranch) in north Boulder, off Highway 36, just north of Neva Road. Acquired by Boulder in early 2016, this trail follows the slope of the foothills offering great views of the eastern plains and north Boulder mountains.

  2. About halfway through the 2 mile hike, the open area with no tree coverage transforms into forested and red dirt terrain at the Buckingham property line. Dogs can be off-leash here if they have an OSMP dog tag. This part of the trail continues to Olde Stage Coach Rd and views of Lefthand Canyon.

  3. This trail is part of the North Boulder Trail Plan, and will hopefully expand in the near future. Keep to the trail where it is marked because it does border on private property.

County: Boulder

Dogs: On leash the part from Hwy 36 to the Buckingham property line then dogs can be off leash.

Elevation: 5500' to 6000' (the first mile requires a steady climb)

Difficulty: Easy-the terrain is easy, the slope is moderate.

Bikes: No

Horses: Yes

Bathrooms: No


Directions: from Boulder, drive north towards Lyons. Just past Neva Rd, the parking lot is on the west side.

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