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Marshall Mesa

Darby's Top Reasons to Love this Hike:

Darby's Special Note: We go here all the time. It's my most favorite.

1. This trail is a low, mesa facing the Flatiron Mountains of Boulder. The views are amazing! So don't forget your panorama setting on your camera. In the early 1900's, Marshall was once a coal mining town. More on the history read this: Walking Through History on Marshall Mesa

2. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall... this trail weathers most conditions well. Some ice in the winter so bring your hiking sticks, and not much shade cover in the summer so come at cooler times. All other times it's just perfect.

3. Spring through late summer, the creek is running so I can get my toes wet.

4. Be prepared to share the trail with runners, bikers and sometimes horses. The cows may even be around in the near fields.

5. Conveniently located to most of Boulder County, this trail is a great quick way to get a good hike in. You can continue the trail to: The Greenbelt Plateau, which continues to the High Plains Trail; or the Community Ditch, which crosses over to Dowdy Draw Trail.

County: Boulder

Round Trip Length: Small Loop : Marshall Vally to Community Ditch (no bikes allowed) to Coal Seam: 2.6 miles; Bigger Loop: Same trail but follow splits off at Community Ditch to Cowdry Draw (bikes allowed):  4.2 miles

Start and End Elevation: Very mild elevation change

Skill Level: Easy for hikers and moderate for bikers

Pet Regulations: Dogs Allowed Off Leash OSMP Dog Regulations

Weather: Almost all weather

Bikes: Yes

Picnic Tables: Yes, in the parking lot

Restroom : Yes, in the parking lot

Directions: At the south/eastern intersection of Highway 93 and Marshall Drive. Opposite Eldorado Drive and the road to Eldorado Canyon, south of the city of Boulder.

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