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Mesa Trail- Starting at NCAR 

(National Center for Atmospheric Research)

Darby and Neko’s Top Reasons

to Love this Hike:

1. This trail connects with the Mesa Trail South towards Eldorado Canyon and the Mesa Trail North towards Chautauqua. There are so many trails in this system, you could go for a short hike, or an all day hike if you’re ambitious.


Connect to trails South: Mallory Cave, Bear Canyon, Fern Canyon, Shanahan Ridge, Big Bluestem, Shadow Canyon, Towhee, and Homestead. 

Connect to trails North: Skunk Canyon, Enchanted Mesa, Kohler Mesa, McClintock (no dogs allowed here), and all the trails connecting from Chautauqua.

2. The scenic view of the Flatiron Mountains and North towards Lyons, as well as the city of Boulder and East.

3. Most of the trail I can be off leash and sometimes there is a little water to splash in.

4. The first part of the trail goes around the Walter Orr Roberts Nature Walk. It is wheel chair accessible and I can learn about the weather and weather patterns of the Flatiron Mountains.

5. This popular trail is perfect for hikers, runners and even has some rock climbers. No bikes or horses allowed.


County: Boulder

Round Trip Length: Varies

Skill Level: Moderate

Pet Regulations: Dogs Allowed Off Leash according to OSMP Dog Regulations

Weather: Spring through Winter

Bikes: No

Restroom : Yes, at NCAR

Map to NCAR trails here.

Directions: From Boulder, go west on Table Mesa towards the National Center for Atmospheric Research and park in the parking lot at the top of the hill. The trail starts at the back of the Walter Orr Roberts nature trail.

Mesa Trail with Darby
Mallory Cave with Neko
Enchanted Mesa with Neko
Woods Quarry with Neko
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