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Take the time in your busy schedule to periodically experience a detox or cleanse. If you plan and organize seasonal cleanses and take that "junk break", you will notice your cravings for the "bad for you foods" decrease and your satisfaction with "better for you" foods increase.  
Every moment is a new beginning...
Step One: Do Something Good - Good for your budget, good for a fresh Restart (FREE)
Plan out 2 weeks for a healthy food cleanse. Use our online Restart Recipes and Detox Blog guidelines for a self-guided nutrition-only cleansing program. All our recipes are cleanse friendly; we include breakfasts, snacks, soups, salads, entrees and desserts.  This is a "toxic food break" you can do any time of the year for yourself. Supplements are not suggested for this cleanse.
Step Two: Do Something Better - A detailed program designed just for you
When you analyze your health through blood analysis or subjective questionnaires, you gain a clearer and more accurate picture of where your health is today. Dr. Chance would love to help you to customize a specific regimen, including detox and cleansing products. We provide you with tools, specifically access to our Restart Series: Detox Program 3-phase workbook and recipes. Get discounts on products from Apex Energetics , Xymogen , and Metagenics when you order from our office. Prices vary per product.
Ask about our Restart Series: Detox Program via Skype!

Step Three: BEST For Yourself - After your cleanse, focus on your health one step further with our Restart Series: Life Program
After the detox, we help guide you through a comprehensive 3, 6 or 12 month program that will give you the framework for excelllent life long habits. Have access to allergy testing and detailed lab testing, for a well rounded view of your health future. Know the foods that help you feel great and eliminate the ones that don't.
Get discounts on products* from Apex Energetics and Metagenics when you order from our office. Prices vary per product. Chiropractic and Acupuncture can be included in this program.
What will you gain from doing the Restart Series: Detox Program

Monitor your metabolic health through objective lab testing and other tests Discover common food sensitivities (and if they are making you sick) Set personal nutrition goals Know your symptoms, and how to monitor them Learn the right foods and supplements* that help you detox maintain a healthy weight How do different organs function and how do they detox: Liver, GI system, Kidneys, Lungs and Skin Good fats, protein and carbs, vs. bad fats, protein and carbs Journal your journey Dozens of recipes and custom food plans Easy to follow: 3 Phases of Detoxing Learn how to make better food choices for life beyond the cleanse Feel better than you have in years
Come do a cleanse with us this Season! Give us a call at (303) 604-6164, or email to .

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The Body Keeps the Score is a must read for anyone who has been through trauma or wants to understand the origins and manifestations of trauma. In a well-researched and accessible way, Dr. van der Kolk has created a foundation of breaking down what happens in the brain and the body due to traumatic events and how to heel those wounds. By ackowledging PTSD can happen in childhood or adulthood, he gives a voice to those who may feel that they are stuck in their healing because traditional psychology cannot help them. 

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