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Are you having trouble breathing? Are you a mouth breather? Is your sleep partner a mouth breather or snorer? Do you have sleep apnea, asthma, or just feel like you aren't getting a full deep breath? If your are interested in learning new techniques and need answers to your questions, then this is a great place to start. I listened to this book on the Libby app, the library free app that you can connect to with your local library. The author takes you through research, interesting observations, and new ideas about how to breath the correct way so you have better health and function. From lowering blood pressure to having a calmer mind and other health benefits. Link here

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The Body Keeps the Score is a must read for anyone who has been through trauma or wants to understand the origins and manifestations of trauma. In a well-researched and accessible way, Dr. van der Kolk has created a foundation of breaking down what happens in the brain and the body due to traumatic events and how to heel those wounds. By ackowledging PTSD can happen in childhood or adulthood, he gives a voice to those who may feel that they are stuck in their healing because traditional psychology cannot help them. 

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