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“Now, if I wanted to start a detox, where should I begin?” This is what a friend asked me when I told her I teach teach detox classes. That is actually a really good question. "What are your intentions?” So I ask you,   What is your goal? Answering that is the first step for any detox program. Are you moving away from a consequence? (Ill health, disease, pain)? Are you moving towards a goal? (Optimal health, prevention)? It can be a little of both but, one of those is going to motivate you a little bit more. Use that motivation to set an intention today that your future-self will thank you for. Common Motivations: Losing weight- This is a great motivator and feels familiar to many people. If you carry extra weight, you will drop a few pounds in our program. If you are your ideal weight, or underweight, you won’t necessarily lose any more weight if you are supplementing with enough nutrition. In the Detox Restart Program, you are eating as much as you want, you are only restricted to what you can eat. So, the weight loss is fat and not muscle. More energy - It is true that when you have less of a toxic burden you will have more energy. Fatigue is the most common symptom I hear people report -
detoxing or not. Whatever health challenge you are facing, you will most likely experience decreased energy. Fatigue affects the old and the young, the poor and the rich, the skinny and the obese. Healthy people are not fatigued. Make better food choices - Many people already eat the anti-inflammatory diet that we outline in our Detox Restart class. We encourage people to eliminate the main food baddies during the detox and then add them back in one at a time at the end. This is a wonderful way to observe the foods that cause adverse food reactions. Most people, however, do not eat an anti-inflammatory diet. They are unaware the foods they are eating are slowing them down, causing adrenal stress, full of the wrong kinds of fats and carbs, highly processed,
full of chemicals and hormones, and not fresh whole foods at all. The most common lesson learned from our classes is the ability to make better food choices for themselves and their families. I mprove gastrointestinal health - Symptoms range from acid reflux, to Crohn’s, diverticulitis, IBS, leaky gut, Celiac, GERD, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, diabetes, high cholesterol, even poor absorption and enzyme breakdown. These show that your body is not cleansing properly and if you go on a food elimination diet and a few gentle detoxes, you will probably see some changes. If you are experiencing one of these symptoms and want to do a cleanse, talk to your primary care doctor before you start. Your cleanse may have to be modified if you are taking medication for these symptoms, so always start under the supervision of an experienced practitioner. Aging with grace  - If your body doesn’t properly cleanse itself, it will age you quickly. Ever see those people who are your same age that had a rough life and look older than they should from smoking, drinking, medications, drugs, fast food, sweets, no exercise, emotionally stressed. You are never too old to stop a bad addiction and start a healthy habit! You are never too old to start a detox. Recovering from an adverse health issue  - Sometime sick people are more motivated to do a cleanse. They are tired of being sick and want to move towards good health. Detoxing/cleansing is a great way to start. Our Detox Restart Program gives you the healthy foundation to make great choices and learn to cook foods that are good for you. Again, check with your doctor before starting any program. Trends  - Detoxing or cleansing can start a trend! When you do something that makes you feel great, you want to spread the word. Also, it’s easier to do with some support from your family or friends. Why do you need an intention and motivation? Detoxing is hard. The process is challenging. There are different foods to eat, or not eat. There are changes you have to make at home, during your workday, traveling, socializing, families. These require planning and discipline. What about supplements? They support your organs during a detox. You can’t do a full food cleanse without helping your liver, intestines, kidneys, skin, lymphatic system and lungs process the toxins being eliminated. Whatever kind of detoxing you do (shake, drops, tea), you won’t accomplish a full detox without taking something extra to help that process. What does detoxing feel like? Well, it’s true, the first few day, you probably won’t feel very good. We do our best to add extra drainage or detox support to make this step easier. But, honestly, it is not fun. From headaches to lethargy, to feelings of detoxing and, let’s face it, withdrawals, these symptoms do occur. We expect them and know that they are part of the protocol. After that, you will feel great and have an abundance of energy, so stick with it because it will get better! You must find your motivation to keep going, because with these major parts of the detoxing process you will need the help to make it to the end of the detox. Help Yourself! Plan ahead. Make your food lists and go shopping every three days. Our program
includes a shopping list, and a prep schedule, as well as a sample menu plan. Detox with a partner or friend. The Restart Series: Detox Program is a great way to hold
each other accountable. Accept that life will get in the way of completing detox plans. There are days that may be really challenging regarding the schedule or how you feel. If you have to modify your diet, or you forget part of the plan, that is okay. Do the best you can, and remember tomorrow is another day! Start again then. This detox program is temporary. You have countless opportunities to do another one next season, and the season after that. Journal: (A preview to How to Start a Restart Series: Detox Program, Part Deux ). Write down how you feel, what you ate, and whatever else you want to. Every. Day. Yes, I mean it! If and when you do a cleanse, decide what your goal is and keep an open mind that it may change to another goal. That’s fine. Now set your intention and be gentle to yourself!

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The Body Keeps the Score is a must read for anyone who has been through trauma or wants to understand the origins and manifestations of trauma. In a well-researched and accessible way, Dr. van der Kolk has created a foundation of breaking down what happens in the brain and the body due to traumatic events and how to heel those wounds. By ackowledging PTSD can happen in childhood or adulthood, he gives a voice to those who may feel that they are stuck in their healing because traditional psychology cannot help them. 

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