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Ranger Trail - to Green Mountain Summit

Darby’s Top Reasons to Love this Hike:


1. This hike-rated difficult- has different terrains throughout the hike: steep rocky steps (similar to Mt. Sanitas), switchbacks and pine forests.

2. So many trees, from pines and firs to dessert flora, to frame your views and keep you cooler. Start in the morning, for the best shade.

3. Views at the summit of Green Mountain (8100 ft): a view of the Indian Peaks Wilderness, the west side of the Flatirons and south east Boulder.

4. Connects to the Gregory Canyon Trail, Long Canyon Trail (no dogs), EM Greenman (no dogs), Green Mountain West Ridge (on leash).

5. Picnic Area handy for snacks and lunch that your owner drops on the ground.


County Boulder

Round Trip Length about 4 miles

Start and End Elevation gains about 1100 ft

Skill Level moderate to difficult in some parts

Pet Regulations Off Leash -  Ranger Trail only OSMP Dog Regulations

Weather late spring to fall

Bikes: No

Restroom: No

A copy of the trail can be found on this Flagstaff Mountain Map.

Directions: Approximately 3.4 miles up Baseline Road in Boulder, after it turns into Flagstaff Road. Follow the hairpin turns until you reach the Realization Point Trail head on the right. Park on the left side of the road (south), or go down the path to another parking lot. Parking Fees apply to out of Boulder County residents.

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