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Blood, urine, saliva testing for a complete look at your chemistry

  • 1 h
  • starting at $150
  • Online Session

Service Description

Tired of guessing about your gut and hormone imbalances? We use questionnaires to find out what your needs are then figure out which tests (blood, hormone) are right for you. We will come up with a customized plan for you to follow at home. Food, supplements, and weekly support to help you, whether it's a 6 week detox protocol or a complete diet and supplement overhaul. Functional Medicine, which is different from disease care, is an additional priority for Dr. Chance. As she treats and gets to know her patients, she often finds that their total body health needs are not being fully or properly addressed. Searching for specific answers and having all the correct information empowers patients to make their own good health‐care decisions, so writing and teaching about health and nutrition is a passion for Dr. Chance. She believes that every patient should be their own best healthcare advocate and helping her patients to make the most informed decision is a priority. Our science-based approach uses blood, saliva, or stool panels, and several questionnaires to guide us towards the best approach to your nutrition and lifestyle program. We can work with your allopathic or naturopathic doctor as part of your team of health care providers. Choose a one-on-one plan, or our self guided Restart Series: Detox Program™ written by Dr. Chance. Phase One - Restore: Using blood work and a series of questionnaires, including a food diary and symptom chart, we address the cause of your symptoms and use diet and supplements to help you repair damaged tissue and absorb your food better. Phase Two - Renew: We determine if your body is detoxing properly, and create a cleanse program that gently eliminates the toxins from your body and supports your cleansing organs. Phase Three - Re-introduce: Find out which foods are causing the inflammatory responses and eliminate them from your diet. This phase is the most important because it sets you up for healthy eating choices for the rest of your life. Prices vary. Get Started Now!

Contact Details

(303) 604-6164

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