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Wakeka Lake - Lafayette

Darby's Favority Favorite Reasons to Love this Hike:

  1. On-leash trail around the lake is about 1.25 miles. Stop and take part in the exercise challenges along the way. Walk, bike, or run this family friendly park, all year-round.

  2. Greenlee Wild life Sanctuary- for all your birdwatching or hanging out by the swamp needs.

  3. Boat house rentals for paddle boats in the summer months. No swimming, dogs or personal watercraft in the lake allowed. Fishing is allowed and encouraged!

  4. We had our 10 Year Chance Chiropractic Center Anniversary Ice Cream Social at one of the pavilions for rent nearby the world class kiddie park! The pavilions host concerts in the summer, or take your chance and happen upon any number of social gatherings, from birthday parties, to graduations, reunions, egg hunts, it all smells good to me (I'm a dog).

  5. New! Controversy at the Park? Well, who knew that Frisbee golf would unite the surrounding home owners against the players of this apparently very busy Frisbee golf course? Come see for yourself what the fuss is all about. Bring your own Frisbee, and one for me (I'm a dog).                                              

  6. Borders Isabelle Farms at the Thomas Open Space. Organic and farm-fresh produce, dairy, meat, home made canned delectables, and hand made collectables. Walk there from the northern end of the lake, or get there by car off of the south side of Baseline Road, near Caria Drive-just west of Hwy 287. 

  7. Fourth on July fireworks! A spectacularly loud and colorful display of fire works, music, food trucks and people. Folks bring their own chairs and blankets and picnic in the afternoon or evening. Note from Darby: Please, this is a crazy scene so leave your furry friends at home for this event.


County: Boulder County

Round Trip Length: 1.25 around the lake

Start and End Elevation: Pretty much flat

Skill Level: Easy for walkers, bikers, wheelchairs, runners, dogs

Pet Regulations: Dogs are allowed on leash only

Weather: Year Round

Bikes: Yes

Picnic Tables: Yes

Restroom : Yes

Directions from Boulder: Baseline east towards Lafayette, just before Hwy 287 make a right on Caria Drive.!st stop sign is Emma, make a left into the parking lot. There is another parking lot 1/4 mile south on Caria Drive. Make a right after Cypress into the parking lot by the kids playgound. 

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