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Lair o'the Bear- Idledale

Darby's Favorite Reasons to Love this Hike:

  1. We did a 1.5 mile easy loop: Creekside trail to Bruin Bluff. The trail system meanders through the trees and picnic areas, via Castor Cutoff, until you get used to the layout. It eventually has a short climb (Bruin Bluff Trail), for better views. 

  2. The Creekside Trail follows Bear Creek to the east, through Mount Falcon and Matthew/Winters Parks, all the way to Bear Creek Lake Park. To the west, it follows along Hwy 74 to Corwina, O'Fallon, and Pence Parks. Copy of the trail here.

  3. Family friendly, so the park attracts plenty of walkers, strollers, hikers, and bikers (on Bear Creek Trail only) of all abilities. There are 28 picnic tables, fishing areas, and programs at the educational shelter. 

  4. Rich ecosystem: birds, beavers, deer, fish, wildflowers, plants, trees, and humans.

County: Jefferson County

One way distance: lots of loops, for any distance.

Skill level: Easy to moderate (Bruin Bluff Trail)

Dogs off leash: no

Picnic tables: yes-28 of them

Bathrooms: yes

Bikes: yes, on Creekside Trail only

Directions: From Morrison, north on Hwy 74, past Idledale- about 4 miles. Entrance is 22600 South Hwy 74.

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