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Melon Rush Smoothie


10 minutes

2 people


Melons are great to eat before other meals because they metabolize fast. The rich antioxidants of the melons and in the added goji berries are what your body needs to recharge and protect your cells. Goji berries are loaded with vitamins A, C, iron, and are a good source for fiber and protein. Buy them in the bulk or dried fruit section at the market.

Melon Rush Smoothie


  • 3/4 cup(s) watermelon, cut into chunks

  • 3/4 cup(s) cantaloupe, cut into chunks

  • cup(s) honeydew melon, cut into chunks

  • 2 handfuls of spinach, cleaned

  • 1 banana

  • 1 tablespoon(s) goji berries

  • 1/2 cup(s) water or iced green tea

  • 1 handful ice

  • 1 serving of protein powder* optional


1. Use all three melons, or a combination of two: Mix all the ingredients in a blender and serve. Wait at least 30 minutes before you eat other foods. Enjoy!

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