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Tele-Health Made Easy

Step One
Goals and questions

When you answer specific questions about your health, we can find what your goals are and guide you to take the correct tests.

These forms give us an insight to which tests are the best for you.  

 Step Two


  • Serum (blood) test for basic nutition and/or food sensitivities

  • DUTCH hormone test (adrenals, sex hormones, melatonin)

  • Stool test for GI issues (candida, SIBO, parasites, constipation, diarrhea, bloating)

Step Three 

Plan of Action

  • 6 week Detox:Restat Repair and Clear Program to jump start your health. Food elimintion anti inflammatory protocol, specific supplemtnents to match your needs, recipes, journals, support. 

  • One on one support weekly, monthly, or as needed basis 

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