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Pediatric Chiropractic: Healthy From the Start

When you have a baby, you want your new little one to have all their best chances and opportunities to have a healthy life. Your pediatrician checks if your child is sleeping, eating, eliminating, and thriving. Why not have your chiropractor examine your newborn too?

Chiropractic babies are known to be the healthiest due to the attention to their spinal column and nervous system.

I know for some people it's a no-brainer. Moms who chose chiropractic care during their pregnancy know that the birthing process can be quite stressful, if not traumatic to both mom and the newborn. If they feel like their body has been put "through the ringer", then maybe their newborn's has too. Even a planned c-section can be an event for your baby. I assure all my patients that chiropractic care, even other than the Directional Non-Force Technique™ we practice here at Chance Chiropractic, is absolutely safe and gentle. All chiropractors take required pediatric classes, and many take extra workshops and special certifications in pediatric chiropractic.

When I ask many new mom patients why they bring their child here with in the first few months of his or her life they agree:

Why wouldn't I want to start my baby off with the best possible health they can have?

A Well-Baby Check-Up 

A well-baby check-up is an important "head to toe" exam by a chiropractor within the first few weeks after delivery. I believe an early check-up is a vital step, and here's why: even if your pregnancy and delivery went fairly well, a thorough analysis of your child's nervous system, muscles, joints, and the delicate head and neck bones can reveal hidden misalignments. Mis-alignments stress the nervous system. Colic, breathing problems, nursing difficulties, sleep disturbances, allergic reactions and chronic infections can often be traced to nervous system stress due to the delivery.

What if your baby had an eventful delivery or an obstetrics accident? A birth trauma can be very mild, from a long labor, to very stressful, like emergency caesarian section surgery, but any degree of trauma may have an impact on an already fragile new baby. Many people don't normally know to consult with their chiropractor at a time like this, but there is great chiropractic research in the area of birth traumas. A visit to the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association and Research Foundation website ( will educate and inspire you to share the information with someone you know.

According to research reported by the ICPA, an obstetrics accident is when the use of invasive procedures, like the use of forceps, vacuum extraction, and the very common C-section, not only cause strain on the baby's delicate neck, but spinal cord injury and neurological defects as well. Ryan French writes on the website, "When it comes to obstetric accidents, it is interesting to know that although obstetricians make up only 3% of all medical doctors, they account for 29% of all the costs and damages, and account for 30% of all claims of negligence against medical doctors! This means that one-third of all mistakes made by doctors are made by those responsible for delivering our children!"

When a birthing injury occurs, a chiropractor can analyze the baby, and make gentle adjustments to align their spine and optimize their nervous system. If this is never corrected, the baby's ability to adapt to the environment, both internally and externally is hampered.

  • Wry neck, often called torticollis, is a common birth injury in which affects over 45,000 babies a year. Chiropractors have great results correcting this condition. I have adjusted and corrected mild cases in my practice using very precise low-force chiropractic adjustments. 

  • Kinematic imbalances due to sub occipital strain, otherwise known as KISS syndrome, improved in a study of 114 children within one to two adjustments. Their symptoms range from torticollis (head tilted to one side), scoliosis (sideways curve of the cervical spine), asymmetric muscle development, slow development of the hip joints, and asymmetrical or slow development of motor skills.

Most chiropractors know that the body is very resilient and will function at its best when operating under the least stressful situations. Having a baby used to be a natural process; it is now a scheduled medical procedure, with restrictions and interventions from drugs to emergency surgery. A fear-based medical system can induce more fear, more interventions, and more chances for emergency surgery. Chiropractors encourage their patients to receive care during their pregnancy to optimize their health and birthing experience, and to reduce their chances of having to choose invasive procedures. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to see many brand new babies in my office. I check for mis-alignments (subluxations) andgently correct them. Most moms (and dads) make an appointment as soon as they can. Babies that have mild symptoms respond very well to gentle chiropractic. Did you know that chiropractors check and adjust their own babies and children? The word needs to get out. Chiropractic care can be for everyone.

Patient Testimonials

In her own words:

Hi Debra!

Randy did come in for a check up and he was 4 days old I do believe. The experience was really neat. Randy laid on me and Debra found a couple of things that needed to be adjusted and you could really tell that something was going on with him by the way he moved. Randy had some spitting problems and after he got adjusted I noticed that he was doing much better. He also started sleeping much better at night as well. Then he started spitting up again just from time to time, Debra suggested watching what I was eating because there was nothing else out in him. Come to find out it was tomatoes and grapes. Randy is 5 months and I have had him checked several times and I will continue to do so. I also have 3 other children that I bring in. It is such a wonderful thing to help them learn about chiropractic care now when they are young. I would recommend to any one to come in see Debra, I give out her cards all the time.

Thanks for all that you do Debra!! Gia and Randy 

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