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ReStart Series: Detox Program Quick Tips #1

Changing the foods you eat for daily breakfast, lunch and dinner is daunting. The most effective (and scariest) way to take control of what you eat is by learning new recipes.

DO: Start scanning cookbooks and recipe magazines. The pictures will get you in for a look, then scan through a second time and earmark the pages that could be possible new recipes for your collection. These are recipes you could eat, given your taste preferences, food sensitivities, and commitment level to the recipe. Some recipes require several steps so choose the time savers. QUICK TIP: I take pictures of recipes with my smartphone so "goodbye" to copying or ripping out pages.

DON’T: Rule out recipes that contain ingredients that aren’t already part of your staples, or that you have never heard of or tried. The point is to learn NEW recipes and find healthier choices. Do it gradually so you don’t overwhelm your budget.

DO: Find recipes that have common ingredients. Buying a bunch of cilantro just for one dish wastes a perfectly good opportunity to make a variety of dishes that feature cilantro. Plus, throwing out an old bunch of greens is wasteful and may prevent you from purchasing it again.

DON’T: Procrastinate trying new recipes. Jump in; if something you see in a magazine is in season now, why not make it today? Set aside idle time (TV watching or internet surfing time can be postponed a day) and experiment with a new recipe. I personally feel overwhelmed when I try a recipe for the first time. The worst that could happen? Not much, it’s a win-win either way.

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