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Med Pay- Are you Covered if you are in an Auto Accident?

When the winters are stormy and the roads are icy, many people get into auto accidents and learn the hard way that they have limited Medical Payments through their auto insurance. Do you know if you are covered if you’re in an auto accident? Do you know what the laws are in your state? What if the accident wasn't your fault?

No one plans to get into a car crash - many times we are not at fault. If you happened to become injured, would you have enough insurance to cover your medical bills?

Good News! Colorado Law mandates that all insurance companies include a minimum of $5000 coverage for injury expenses regardless of who was at fault. This covers the expense of ambulances, and trauma centers first, then other doctor expenses, including chiropractic and acupuncture care.

This covers all the passengers in the car as well. Without this mandatory coverage, expenses weren't covered under many major medical insurance companies.

You may "opt out" of this mandatory coverage in writing to your insurance company. some people chose to shop around for better premiums, or because their major medical insurance covers trauma and has little or no deductible.

Secondly, you may increase your amount of coverage. Most ambulance rides and visits to the Emergency Room after an accident will cost more than $5000. What if you needed surgery? That is thousands of dollars right there. You can add up to $25,000 coverage, with minimum amount added to your premium.

If you aren't in Colorado, or if your accident happened in another state, you are subject to the rules and regulations of that state.

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