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When is a Good Time to Start a Detox Program?

Cleansing is not just for getting the junk out of your large intestines, it is about reaching a state of decreased inflammation due to toxic substances. Most of the time, living a cleaner, healthier life can decrease the risk for chronic disease states. It the best way to take control of your health and slow the disease and aging process. You may need to do a detox program now if you:

  • If you regularly take cold or allergy medication

  • If you regularly take hormones: birth control or HRT, thyroid medication, cortisol, anti-inflammatory steroids

  • If you take pain medication

  • If you have taken antibiotics in the last 5 years

  • If you take any other medication regularly

  • If you have frequent joint pain

  • If you have a diagnosis of leaky gut, IBS, Chrohn’s Disease *

  • If you have diabetes or low blood sugar*

  • If you have food allergies

  • If you have been sick this year

  • If you suffer from depression

  • If you suffer from addiction

  • If you want to lose weight (fat, not muscle)

  • If you have had chemotherapy in the last 5 years *

  • If you have an autoimmune disease *

  • If you are hungry constantly

  • If you are mentally sluggish

  • If you want to slow down the aging process

  • If you want to take the next step towards better health, a pain-free life and abundant energy

  • If you want to make better food choices

* People in this category are advised to do a cleanse or detox under a doctor’s supervision. Any time you take medications, any time you are overcoming symptoms relating to a cold or flu, any time you are exposed to chemicals is a perfect time for a cleanse. Your liver has to process everything that you ingest: food, drugs, chemicals of any sort. Your liver is the largest detox organ, so exposure to chemicals can make it harder to do its detoxing job (and the countless other jobs the liver does). The liver performs two steps as a detox organ: 1) it changes chemicals into an intermediary state, 2) flushes it out of your system. Be careful though, if you are currently taking medications, sometimes the liver can work too hard to clean out the chemicals and you may experience an overload of chemicals in the intermediary state. This can seem like toxic overload (headaches, lethargy, depression), but you can help yourself by slowing down the first step and speeding up the second step. One of the benefits of working with healthcare providers during a detoxing program is that we take each individual’s history and needs into account, and tailor a detox program just for you. In the case of chemotherapy, you are dealing with an abundance of toxic chemicals and the die-off of the cancerous cells that are the target of the chemo. It is extremely important to have medical supervision before undergoing a cleanse; certain cancers may not be appropriately suited for a cleanse so talk to your doctor before beginning any program. So clear your schedule, make a commitment to yourself and learn how to cleanse in a healthy and effective way.

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