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Horsetooth Reservoir - Larimer

Darby's Favorite Reasons to Love this Hike:

1) Trails around Horsetooth Reservoir in Ft. Collins from the Skyline Picnic Area Day use. Go north along the reservoir Ridge (easy) .5 miles, or the Foothills (moderate) .5 miles to loop or meet up with the North Loop Trail for another 1-9 miles of trails. 

2) Meet up with other trails in the Horsetooth Mountain Open Space. 29 miles of trails just west of Horsetooth reservoir. Includes: Horsetooth Falls Trail, Soderburg Trail, Blue Sky Trail, Culver and Hughy Open Space. From 5430-7255' 

North of Horsetooth Mountain is Lory State Park which has many miles of trails too.

3) Camp in the Horsetooth Reservoir Southbay Campground 

4) Watersports in the Reservoir: boating, waterskiing, even scuba diving!

Difficulty: easy, 5430 with very little elevation change

Restrooms and picnic areas: Tes

Bikes, horses: Yes

Dogs: On leash only

Directions: map

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