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About Debra Chance, D.C. and the Low Force Chiropractic Approach

Dr. Chance has spent over 25 years helping people manage a vast array of health problems, both acute and chronic. Sometimes a physical issue, whether it's pain, injury, or dysfunction, is difficult to diagnose. The chiropractic approach that Dr. Chance practices utilizes the body's innate intelligence to yield the most reliable diagnostic evaluation so we can have an educated understanding on what needs to be assessed and corrected with an adjustment, how long it will take to heal, and is chiropractic all you need for this injury to heal 100%?


​This is not a "pop and pray" type of chiropractic, it's extremely thorough in its analyses and corrections using a low force thumb thrust. You will feel right away if this works for you. Each adjustment builds on the previous adjustment and most people start to heal immediately and hold their adjustments longer. 

The reason this chiropractic is so specific and effective is because we address and correct the vertebrae and all its moving parts: ligaments, discs, ribs, muscles. We are trained to understand how the body layers injury and stressors, called retracing, and we peel them away with each visit. These chiropractic treatments are accurate and use less force with no torquing of your body, no cracking your neck and no forceful pops. 

Whether it is an acute injury, repetitive stress area, or compensation to an original injury we can adjust your shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands ribs, hips, head, jaw, knees, ankles, feet. Plus, as a bonus because we like you, we will adjust all your muscles, ligaments in those areas as well. We can also be discerning to know if your injury needs more than a chiropractic approach.

The accuracy of this type of chiropractic allows us to understand:

1) Is this a structural issue that can be treated utilizing only chiropractic adjustments? 


2) Do you need additional exercises, supplements, rehab, or further diagnostic testing? 

DNFT® Chiropractic is an advanced chiropractic protocol. It started in the 1930's and was the first low force chiropractic technique in history. It's continuous development by dedicated practitioners keep this type of adjustment technique on the cutting edge. 

Developed by Dr. Richard Van Rumpt, it continues today to be researched and taught by Dr. Christopher John.

Dr. Chance started attending yearly DNFT classes in 1997 and is constantly developing her skills to expand her ability to help you reach your healing goals. 

Read the 2011 *research that confirms D.N.F.T.® Chiropractic as a leading chiropractic approach regarding treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain.

* I am one of the doctors featured in this study.

Debra Chance D.C.
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