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Crosier Mountain- Glen Haven Trail Head

Darby's Top Reasons to Love This Hike:

1) Amazing views of the Rocky Mountains: Signal Mountain, Stormy Peaks, East Desolation Peak, McGregor Mountain, the Needles - even if you don't make it to the summit.

2) Hike to the summit of the mountain (3.7 miles), or choose the H - G Ranch trail. Trail head can be found also at Crosier Rainbow Trail or Crosier Garden GateTrail. These are more strenuous than the Crosier Mountain trail.

3) Piper Meadow scenery and lush greenery to take your breath away;  ponderosa pine, douglas-fir, and rocky Mountain juniper trees are abundant.

4) Low crowds so it's a great hike if you are in the Estes Park area and want to hike outside Rocky Mountain National Park (no fees either).

5) No leash to harsh my herding nature!

Difficulty, moderate to strenuous (last 2 miles to the summit)

Beginning Elevation 7300 ft, Summit 9200 ft

More detailed info here.

No water or toilet facilities

Horses, yes; Bikers, yes

Dog leash law: none


Directions: From hwy 34 or 36 to Estes Park, take CO rd 43 (Devil's Gulch Rd) about 6 miles towards Glen Haven, park across the Livery Stable, the trail head is to the south behind the stable.

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