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Kenosha Pass -Park County

Darby’s Favorite Reasons to Love This Hike:


1. Part of the ColoradoTrail: this hike starts from Waterton Canyon southwest of Denver, and continues for 486 miles to Durango Colorado, but you can start and stop at any part of the trail. We chose an approximately 2-3 mile round trip from Kenosha Pass Overlook, off Highway 285S, past Grant before the turn to the Fairplay expanse. This particular walk has a mild slope and could accommodate all levels of hiking experience.

2. Once you meander about 1.25 miles through the trees, you will come across one of the most beautiful views in Colorado. During the fall (late September to mid-October, depending on the weather), you’ll join many other visitors taking world class pictures of the Aspens and the views of Fairplay and the South Park area and Mt. Evans and Mt. Bierstadt.

3. Talk about trees; it starts off with a grove of Aspens, then changes to mixed Conifers, then back to Aspens. This trail is perfect all year round because it is cooler in the summer due to the starting altitude,in the fall the leaves are changing a gorgeous golden hue, the winter is also accessible for cross country skiing or snow-shoeing, and the spring enjoys the bright green Aspen leaves.

4. Since this is a high traffic area for back-packers, hikers and bikers, there are several really cool man-made shelters that trail travelers built along the way. Even though we don’t sleep here, it’s fun to explore these shelters and imagine the campers making their temporary homes with the fallen logs.

5. Official Colorado campsites are located on the opposite side to where we park to start our hike. There are several directions to go on this trail. Enjoy it for an hour, a weekend, or longer. You won’t be disappointed by choosing this area to explore.


County: Park

Starting Elevation: 10,000 ft

Ending Elevation: depends on the hike you choose, but none too steep. Easy to moderate hiking only.

Dogs: Yes, on leash only

Bikes: Yes

Bathrooms: at the campsite parking area

Picnic Tables: at the campsite parking area


Directions from Denver: take I-70West to C-470 South. Take I-285 Highway past the towns of Evergreen, Conifer,Baily, and Grant. Look out for the Kenosha Pass Overlook parking lot, on the right, and the campgrounds are on the left.

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