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White Ranch/Rawhide-Golden

Darby's Favorite Reasons to Love This Hike:

  1. White Ranch Park, west of Golden, has about 20 miles of multi-use (foot, bike, horse) trails to chose from. The Rawhide loop is about 5.2 miles of moderately challenging terrain though the heavily forested mountain. You can choose several trails off of the Rawhide Trail: Longhorn, Wrangler, or Waterhole, depending on the distance you want to hike.

  2. Sourdough Springs Equestrian campsite about 3 miles in offers a restroom for a short stop, or campsites for an overnight stay. Especially if your travels are on horseback because not many places let you camp with your horse.

    Views of the east

  3. Views of the eastern plains and Denver skyline can be seen on the northern end of the trail. Views of the meadows and surrounding mountains can be seen throughout.

  4. Abundant wildflowers and wild life. Keep your eyes open for birds, deer, mountain lion, fox, and wild turkeys. Wildflowers dot the meadows during the spring and summer.

  5. For more information about this or another White Ranch Trail, or Jefferson County Trails, click here.

Round-Trip length: about 5.2 miles, including the start of the trail where the Rawhide splits off the Longhorn.

Elevation and gain: Starts at 7505' and gains about 865' round trip

Skill level: Moderate

Dogs allowed: Yes, on leash only

Bikes and horses allowed: Yes

Season: Spring to fall, unless the ice has melted in the warm winter

Directions: Go north Colorado Highway 93 from Golden approximately 1 mile to Golden Gate Canyon Road. Turn west on Golden Gate Canyon Road. Go west 3.7 miles to Crawford Gulch Road. Go right onto Crawford Gulch Road and travel 3.9 miles to Belcher Hill Road. Turn right on Belcher Hill Road and travel 1.7 miles to the main West Access Trail head. There are two parking lots, park at the 2nd one. The trail is on the left side of the parking lot (north).

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